I’m not really sure what has been up with me recently. Liam was over the other day and the day after he left, I couldn’t find my Mango card to catch the bus. So I had to pay out cash. Then today, I was meant to take my train tickets to the station to book the seats on First Class for our London trip next week and I couldn’t find them for love nor money. So I left it. I stormed out of the house in a blue rage, mumbling to myself as I walked to the bus stop and kicking aside leaves in a dramatic fashion. The bus came and I sat there, silently fuming and deciding what to do next.

Recently, my bus journeys have consisted of music and twiddling around on BBM so I did that again during the journey and the lovely boyfriend tried to cheer me up somewhat, and trying his hardest to pull me out of my deep funk. I was in town early, so I went around the stores for a little looking at stuff and found something new for my Dad’s Christmas gift. I’m proud to say that I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping this year and it’s not even December yet 🙂 But got to work, had a chat with some of my coworkers and everyone seemed a little stressed out. Not sure why, or whether my Spidey-Sense was just tingling unnecessarily. I took a look at the rota to see if I was off for the trip next week and saw that I was off the Monday/Tuesday, not Tuesday/Wednesday like I originally thought. So, now I have to quickly find someone to cover the shift otherwise I’m not going to London and that will put me in an even bigger grump.

I’d also gotten a text message from my Dad while at work saying that my Mum had found the tickets for me, and I swore they were not in the drawers by my bed- but she swore that they were. So, we had a loud argument at work and she cut me off by saying she wasn’t going to argue with me over the phone :/ Things just don’t appear when I couldn’t find them before. Yes, I’m aware that I have a habit of looking for things while in a blind panic. But frankly, I don’t care or think about looking for them any other time. So, strike one for me.

Then after work was done, I was talking to Liam on the phone and I started a stupid argument with him over the phone about nothing and before long, I was screaming and sobbing down the phone at him. I’m just in the most horrible, bitchy mood today and I cannot figure out for the life of me why. I feel like people are saying shit just to get a rise out of me and I’m just so highly strung today that I will literally snap at the slightest thing. I got angry with something at work and threw it down in a mood, walked away and came back to it ten minutes later when I was in a clearer frame of mind. And work was dead after six, so I felt like I was standing around and twiddling my thumbs for half the shifts. Boooooring!

I’m gonna just bury my head under the bedcovers and not emerge for a few hours. I’m hoping to wake up in a better frame of mind 😦


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