One Day I’ll Go…

As I’m sure that some of you are aware, there was a certain convention on this week *cough* Blizzcon *cough*. It’s the second time that I wished I could have been there, but it’s just one of those things that maybe one year I’ll afford. It’s frustrating as I know lots of friends of mine that attend, and I just want the chance to say that I’ve been and I had a blast but always my vacation time is taken up visiting my daughter. It may be one of those things that I just never get the chance to do.

I want to go to the meetups and say that I met some of the people I envy for their writing skills. I want to meet people like Joe Perez and Matt Low to discuss healing. I want to meet Anne Stickney and have a really awesome lore conversation. I want to meet Fox Van Allen for representing shadow priests. I’d kill to meet Metzen or Ghostcrawler, I’ve been huge fans of theirs for years as I have been a Blizzard fangirl for over a decade. I want to go to the panels and even if I never get to ask a question, I can say that I sat in on them and listened to what they said.

I want to be able to sit at the computers and play their demos. I want to laugh at the booth babes pouring themselves over the nerds and the geeks trying to get their attention. I want to ooh and ahh over the costume contest, I always said that the year I went to Blizzcon that I would go in costume and if I ever do get the chance to go- I would show up as some kind of elf. Night or Blood or High…can’t really decide yet. It seems quite hypocritical if I show up as a Night Elf (as I play Horde) but it’s what I like and that’s what I would go as.

I’m no stranger or slouch to cons. I used to go to GenCon when it was in Milwaukee, I had my awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume I used to wear with my leather trousers and stake. This of course was back when I used to have blonde hair, but it was all fun. The people in various cosumes, the feeling that you felt like you were only one of maybe five females in the whole convention, lol. It’s not a bad thing. You just have to watch out for the guys trying to stare down your shirt or undress you with their eyes. It’s a little weird and a little nervewracking, but you kinda get used to it on the second day. As long as you realise that it’s always going to be a lot more guys that attend these things than females- then it’s okay.


5 thoughts on “One Day I’ll Go…

  1. I actually bought a BlizzCon ticket this year, but this turned into a massive mistake and a waste of money as I wasn’t able to afford the flight to Anaheim or a hotel. So I’m doubly gutted. 😦

    • Good god, I’m so sorry to hear you couldn’t afford the rest of the trip! My heart goes out to you 😦 Massive sympathetic hugs to you! 😦

    • Agreed. I’m really hoping to go next year with Guillin. We’re really hoping to afford it, so maybe we will see you there? 🙂

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