I think I need to eat my words about a certain post I put up on her a couple of months ago.

Remember me saying that  I thought I was fat? Well, all of a sudden I don’t feel so huge anymore. Being in the US has weirdly given me self confidence, and it’s the most bizarre thing. Back home, I felt like I was an enormous hippo because I couldn’t manage to fit into a pair if Size 12 jeans. Now, here I’m starting to feel like a bit of a twig. A hefty twig with some meat on it, but still a twig nonetheless.

I’m not dissing larger people, not in the slightest. But, I don’t get those people who are obviously obese and they’re lining up at their local Mickey D’s to buy a sack of hamburgers. Do they not care that they’re eating themselves into an early grave? Are they that poor that they can only afford to buy junk? Actually, no I don’t believe that. Let me tell you why.

I was having dinner with a Twitter friend on Sunday night and we were having a discussion as to why am I a vegetarian. For those of you that don’t know my reasonings, I am a vegetarian because I find it hard to digest meat. It gives me a stomach ache and the same applies to if I consume too much cheese or dairy. Anyway, back to what I was saying. I’m a vegetarian through choice, and not just because of animal welfare. So the sight of seeing some people eat burgers is mind boggling to me. We were talking about why is it so much more expensive to eat healthier than it is to eat junk? Junk food is so readily available in the US. You go to the gas station and you’re faced with the Little Debbies and the Hostess racks, not to mention the large bags of chips and giant candy bars. You go to the grocery store and there’s a huge enticing aisle dedicated to it. In the US, High Fructose Corn Syrup is used instead of natural sugars. It’s one of the proponents of both the high diabetes and high obesity rates across the country. It was introduced in the 1970’s and ever since then, obesity rates have gotten higher each year. Is it to blame? A little. It’s cheaper than sucrose (sugar) to both make and transport, which means that the price of the food with it in is also going to be cheaper. It’s a knock on effect.

Can you avoid this unnecessary evil? Kinda. There are other choices. There’s both Stevia (which is a natural sugar made from the leaves of the Stevia plant) and Splenda, which again is a sugar substitute a bit like Canderel but supposed to be not so artificial tasting. But so many manufacturers put high fructose corn syrup into their products that it’s almost impossible to avoid. I’m glad that I come from the UK where it is not used, but sucrose is king. And I’m okay with sugar. I have a sweet tooth as it is, but I’ve been incredibly good about the things I eat while I’m out here. There was a time when I used to not think about eating three Hostess cherry pies in one sitting or going to Olive Garden for their never-ending pasta bowl and having three massive servings along with breadsticks and salad. I was horrendously overweight, probably tipping the scales close to 200lbs while pregnant. That’s pretty damn scary to me. It’s taken me a long time to get rid of the excess weight, and I still have a lot more to shift.

I stepped on the scales while weighing my suitcase the other day. I almost cried when I saw it was 180lbs. Oh fuck no. How on earth have I put on 20lbs when I swore I was only around the 165 mark? I’m kinda obsessing a little about that now, as I refuse to think that I’m 180lbs. That only puts me 20lbs away from 200lbs and I swear, that’s just disgusting to me. I don’t even think I’m that fat. Yeah, I have excess weight around my midsection, I’m not going to lie. And both my ass and my thighs could stand to lose a few inches. But this is why I have a gym membership and when I get home I’m going to be jumping into that full force. I know that 180 could well be telling me a big lie, I know that muscle weighs a lot more than fat. But close to 200? Oh god. I feel like Nellie the Elephant.


2 thoughts on “Sizes

  1. A lot of it is down to willpower. These people have a problem and rather than being belittled for how badly they’re running their lives, they need actual help. I’m just glad how easy it is to eat healthily in the UK. Farm shops are a serious Godsend.

  2. There are two main things which jumped out at me which I would like to comment on 🙂

    Whilst it’s not as bad here in the UK (yet) as it is over in the US, it’s a growing trend across the planet. You hit the nail on the head though. You mentioned about healthy food being more expensive then junk food and it’s true. If anything what should happen is that I think there should a tax on junk food and then the revenue from that junk food tax used to subsidize the healthy food.

    The other thing I would like to comment on, is that you really shouldn’t fret about your weight. I’m in no doubt that you are absolutely beautiful, if you want to use the gym then go ahead, but don’t push too hard thinking you “feel like Nellie the elephant”, because you really really don’t :).

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