Exit, Stage Left?


This is a continuation of my MMO Dead End post from the other day. I’m really not sure what to do at the moment when it comes to gaming.

Last couple of days have been just so draining for me in my life, so much stress that I’d rather not talk about it on here. But when I get stressed out, I want a game to play to try and ease those tentions. My boyfriend recently introduced me to Rift and while that isn’t a bad game, it just seems to be lacking something for me. I’ve only played one class and a handful of souls right now but those didn’t work out for me really. I was a Mage with the souls of Elementalist, Stormcaller and Pyromancer. Now, I love how I can blow things up but after playing healers so long in World of Warcraft, I feel frustrated about not being able to heal myself. I get too many mobs on me and I’ve got no knockbacks or heals or defence mechanisms.

Maybe it’s me. I went from playing my main toon in WoW, which is a Blood Elf Shadow Priest. Lots of heals, lots of damage and Psychic Scream. Then switched to the EU servers and rolled a Shaman. Started as an Elemental Shaman, with things like Thunderstorm and totems and pets! (oh god! Earth Elemental how I love thee!). Then decided I wanted to heal in dungeons, so grabbed the dual spec and rolled with a Restoration Shaman. Hello chain heal! But one day I’m sitting there, going through the motions of questing and my boyfriend decides that he doesn’t want to play WoW for the time being. So here I am, stuck in a guild where the people don’t really know me. I’m just known as Guillin’s missus. The Shaman that’s not even Level 80 yet. And I know no one on the server. I’m pining for my old little Horde PvP guild once again on my comfy little home of Cairne-US. Home. Where pretty much half the server knows who I am, the PvP is good for the picking and my guild is amazing. And my Priest. Gosh. Wow. Do I really miss her. I never really thought I would miss my little scrub server so bad, but maybe it’s not about that for me. Maybe it’s a case where it’s no longer about the game but the people?

Don’t get me wrong, not even for a millisecond. Rift is an amazing game. The graphics are sweet, the gameplay is smooth and it really does everything right. But there’s no community other than Twitter. I’m not in a guild because I don’t want to just jump into a guild where I know no one. And I’d love to stick it out, get to the end game content and see what it’s like at the end and then make a proper decision on the game. I know I’ve not seen PvP or dungeons yet. I do love the who Rift mechanisms though. I just wish I didn’t die so much. And I wish I didn’t feel like I was out on an island all by myself. Even if you’re on the same server as a friend, I see no way that you can group up with them or whisper them to have a little chat. As I said to my boyfriend, it’s like the graphics of Dragon Age 1 with the game play feel of Guild Wars 1 and the questing detail of World of Warcraft. And those are three of my favourite games. But I’m still trying to decide on whether they make a good game all mashed together.

If I wanted to be alone, with just Twitter to talk to…I would go back to Dragon Age 1 or 2 and happily sit there. Or stump up the cash for Civilisation 5. But. I don’t know. MMO’s are meant to be about the social aspect. The people to talk to. And if all I have is Twitter, then what kind of MMO is it? I can play any game and talk to Twitter, I have the app on my phone so that’s not a concern to me. The in-game Twitter feed is nice, if that wasn’t there…I think I would have taken a quick five minute try at Rift and then closed my laptop and said…

“Yeah. That’s not for me.”



One thought on “Exit, Stage Left?

  1. I’m stuck in a similar situation at the moment. I do think that you are correct in suggesting that it might be more about the people than the game.

    When I first started to play WoW, there was hardly a day that would go by where I wouldn’t interact with someone. True, I would still run into my share of immature folks. However, I met a lot of really pleasant people as well.

    I think that as the game has progressed (Dungeon Finder, Portals, etc.) it has removed a lot of need for people to intereact. Sure you’re still grouped up for instances but everybody just runs through, aoe’ing…no need to communicate. Besides, most people are from different servers and you’ll never run into them again.

    I’ve tried Rift, Conan, and Warhammer, all with the same results.

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